Questions & Answers: 

Q1  What is the nature of PC WORLD franchise business?
PC WORLD provide the most convenient service to consumers. PC WORLD and the franchisee will sign a franchise agreement. Both parties must comply in accordance with the contracts, rights, obligations and follow the guidance of the Headquarters.

Q2  Is it suitable for me to become the franchisee if I’m a laymen?
In general, many franchisees had not engaged in this field. We will educate him about PC WORLD headquarters and related information. We also arrange a 24-hour retails period for the franchisees to experience the actual environment.

Q3  What is the period from application until the commencement? Do I need to sign first?
There will be 3 to 6 months from start to commencement. Before confirming on joining, applicants do not need to quit his job.

Q4  Do PC WORLD guarantees the profit of branch? Is there a minimum benefit guaranteed?
"No pain, no gain", PC WORLD is a stable industry, rather than a high risk, high profits industry. We believe that as long as we work hard, we will definitely receive a good reward.

Q5  How many employees are needed for 1 outlet? Will PC WORLD helps if manpower is insufficent?
The number of outlet employees are determined by the outlet sales figure and the number of visitors. The basic standard of the new outlet will be 2 people. PC WORLD has a comprehensive counseling approach to help the franchisee make the best of human resources arrangements.

Q6  Can I request training for my worker?
Company has a complete education and training system. The franchisee outlets depending on demand, send the worker for training. The company is setup and equipped with teaching materials, instructor, equipment and free training.

Q7  After joining, can I do part time jobs?
If you choose franchising, you may not involve in part-time job as we advise that you to stay focus on this business.

Q8  How is the process in handling the daily income?
The franchisee must bank in to the company every day. The company will help outlet to pay for the purchases and return the remaining figure to franchisee appointed bank.

Q9  What is the guide for operation and franchise agreement?
From PC WORLD provisions of the Fair Trade Commission, franchisors and franchisees must be 7 days before signing agreement to provide information to the franchise. During the interview, franchisees will read PC WORLD agreement & regulations and make full explanation and answers to the franchisee.

Q10  Must we own a store in order to join PC WORLD?
PC WORLD retail shop is assessed by the professional development. If you own a shop, you can directly contact PC WORLD. We have professionals assessment in order to reduce investment risk. If you do not own a shop, PC WORLD will do the assessment according to your regional suggestion.

Q11  Does company fix the staff wages and benefits?
Headquarter does not fix the staff wages and benefits. Franchisee must provide the kind of benefits to franchise staff, that is in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Standards Law. The Labor Standards Law requires employers to defend some of his employees insured.

Q12  What are the expenses of an outlet?
The expenses are salaries, general repairs, utilities, water, electrical, telephone fees, Stock loosing, packing charges, rent and other expenses.

Q13  Lacking of own funds, does PC WORLD provide financing loans?
Under the profitable business risk assessment, there should be a certain amount of reserve funds to prepare for future use in the case of early turnover. PC WORLD Headquarters will help franchisee to apply small and medium enterprises from Government, at preferential interest rates and easy procedure. This will reduce your initial time and money issues.

Q14  PC WORLD provide any guidance during the commencement period?
PC WORLD headquarters have a group of experienced consultants, counseling on monthly sales, variety of management problems and opportunities encountered.