Training Education:


PC WORLD have a perfect training courses from the store manager, supervisor, prepare managers, sales personnel until technical staff. Regularly HQ has setup the program to assist the franchisee to complete the professional training base on the duty requirement.
From management, marketing, finance, customer service - PC WORLD professional training courses covered the above area through a variety of teaching or counseling approach to enhance the franchisee KNOW-HOW.

Franchisees are welcome to participate in regular or irregular the marketing, business strategy, management, marketing planning and other kinds of courses organized by the PC WORLD for franchisees and their employees.


Support team

Prior to franchise period, the support team will be provided free of charge guidance, communication, consultation services and assistance to the franchisee and helping to enlarge the ability to play its best to create the largest profit.

Through the experience guidance and explanation of support team, in additional to delivery more efficient and professional services can shorten also the period access to best condition.